My name is Mareks Radzevics and I am a musician. I love all kinds of music but my heart belongs to the classical music and rock music. My instrument of choice – cello.

Cello is my life: my present and my future. How it all begun…

I was born in Riga in the summer of 1990. I must have heard music already in my mother's belly. My father was a gifted singer with an amazing voice; he played piano and an accordion. My mother had taken piano lessons in her childhood and my older siblings were enrolled in a music school already. It was no surprise that I too would attend a music school. When I was five years old, my father took me to the Emils Darzins Music school to see one of the lead cello teachers there. He had decided for me that I'll be learning to play the cello. I remember how he presented me with a small cello and said that this would be my instrument. I was scared but also intrigued. I wondered how this big violin would be different from the little violin my sister was playing.

While in third grade I moved to Liepaja and called this city my home for the next ten years of my life. These were my most formative years when I discovered my passion for music and learned to love my instrument. I was lucky to have been placed in Dita Barona’s caring hands. She was not only my cello teacher; she was also my mentor, my inspiration, my second mother and my biggest fan. She believed in me and shaped me into a cellist I am today. When the last year of music college was coming to an end, I had to make a big decision: to continue playing cello or to pursue education in my other fields of interest. I chose music. I knew that if I didn’t choose music as my profession, I would regret it later.

In the summer of 2010 I moved back to Riga and enrolled in the Jazepa Vitola Music academy of Riga in Māris Villerušs cello class. He was an excellent teacher, cellist and a person. He was one of the greatest cellists of our time. I am very grateful that I got to learn from him and got to know him as a person. He was always demanding and sometimes hard on me, but he also raised my cello technique and musical ability to the next level. He was also the reason why I decided to continue my studies in Jazepa Vitola Music academy in Masters program. We knew he wouldn’t be teaching for much longer, but I wanted to learn from him until he was willing or able to teach. Sadly he passed away in 2015 and will be missed greatly. I finished my MA degree in Cello performance under the guidance of Ēriks Kiršfelds.

I mostly play and perform by myself but I also enjoy improvising with other musicians as well as playing in trios, quartets, quintets, string quartets and symphonic orchestras. I have played along with different types of instruments starting from classical kokle to rock band drums. Although classical music is the type of music I feel most comfortable in, I also have participated in different pop and rock music projects. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse cello can be.


My name is Mareks Radzevics and I am a musician. I love all kinds of music but my heart belongs the classical and rock music, and my instrument of choice – cello. Cello is my life: my present and my future.

How it all begun…



Tuuli Peltomäki
Hi Mareks! Thank you for the lovely concert today at Drottningatan! I'm a Finn and on a holiday in Stockholm - in my mind your concert was the most memorable part of my stay.
Emilie Herheim
“Hey I just wanted to say that you play very beautifully! I have played violin for 8 years now and I admire your passion for the cello. I hope you take a trip to Norway and share with us your amazing talent.” "
Veronika & Irene
“We could listen to you playing ALL DAY! GOOD LUCK! Wish you the best!”
“I spend 3 evenings here, changing people who stopped to listen to you. That was 3 really cool evenings. So thank you very much for this time. Keep playing, you’re awesome!”