Chellist and producer

tel: +371 25981233


For booking me or finding out more about my rates please call or message me with the specifics of your event, your wishes and requests and how I can make it even more special.


"Hello Mareks , I am a performing artist from India and have lived in Trondheim for a couple of months. And that day when I saw you play was better than the day before and the day after you played . The melodies have ceased to exist forever in my memories. Trondheim is going be beautiful for exactly this memory. So , I send you a copy of this memory even though it will always be something ephemeral for me. Thank you again. Inspired"
Carolina Lottermann
"Hey! I just wanted to thank you. When you play, you always make me cry in that good way. Even if sometimes it's hard to carry on, don't give up. You're awesome. Good luck in this wonderful job you're doing there"
Loulou Dub
"I was in the street this afternoon in Stockholm and I truly enjoyed very much how you play ! I heard many violoncelliste player in my life and you sounded so soft and passion at the same time, amazing representation thank you ! "
Anonymous fan
“Hi! My message is maybe weird, but I had to tell you: you are an incredible musician. I saw you twice in Stockholm last weekend, and I think I could've listen to you for hours and hours. Anyway, I know that sometimes this kind a career could be tough, not much compliments for all the work you should put in it, so I thought that maybe this little message could make you feel happy. So good luck for everything, keep going that way, your talent should be heard everywhere!”