Faleena Meili
“… we were walking through that street and heard your music from far away! It was amazing! It was raining and we got closer to you and couldn't help staying there and listening to all your songs. And it was so funny because it was obvious that all men envied you because of your ability to play so well with so big feelings.. I just wanted to say to you that it was an amazing evening because of your music! I got gooseflesh! I really liked chasing cars and les miserables.. So I wish you very luck and hope that you can live with your music.”
“Hello, my name is Medea. This is a page of my pravite diary, the one in which I’m writing about my new life here in Sweden. This evening I was thinking about very important decision to take, and I was scared both for the yes and for the no. Then I arrived here and your music, the passion I have seen in you, made me remember that life is too short to be lazy, or to fear the change. Is been a lifetime since I had the last chance to sit and listen to such a beautiful music with all my soul and min payin’ attention. Thank you, for your treat and for being exactly where I needed you to be in this particular but happy moment of my life.” "
Ellie Valahova‎
"Hello, Mareks, I was lucky enough to be at your performance on Sunday in Oslo. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to enjoy your musical art, but anyway I can say that I was really impressed by it. I want to say "thank you" for your talent and for sharing it with other people. I'm really grateful you made the last day of my vacation in Norway unforgettable!"
“Hey Mareks. Few days ago i was looking for songs about " Tulips " my favorite flower and i found your cover " the tulip song " .. and guess what . it made my day , so i listen to it every day now i'm listening to your covers one by one .. you are just amazing I love music but i had never listened to a solo cello .. i think that i'm falling in love with it because of you Keep it .. just keep it and never stop playing music .. you are making peace in this world and i really appreciate it. Greetings from Palestine”