"My name is Nairooze Few days ago I was looking for songs about " Tulips " my favorite flower and I found your cover " the tulip song " .. and guess what . it made my day , so I listen to it every day now i'm listening to your covers one by one .. you are just amazing I love music but I had never listened to a solo cello .. I think that I'm falling in love with it because of you Keep it .. just keep it and never stop playing music .. you are making peace in this world and i really appreciate it Greetings from Palestine"

Loulou Dub

“I was in the street this afternoon in Stockholm and I truly enjoyed very much how you play ! I heard many violoncelliste player in my life and you sounded so soft and passion at the same time, amazing representation thank you ! ”

Matti Leirimaa

“Thanks for the great music moment in Stockholm evening. Our whole family was enjoying your play. ”

Stelios Gisdakis

“I have heard you performing and I was really impressed by your music. This is how i started searching you on the internet... I am getting married this Sunday (17th) and I was wondering if you could attend and play some music…”

Andréane Lemay-Mercier

“Hi! My message is maybe weird, but I had to tell you: you are an incredible musician. I saw you twice in Stockholm last weekend, and I think I could've listen to you for hours and hours. Anyway, I know that sometimes this kind a career could be tough, not much compliments for all the work you should put in it, so I thought that maybe this little message could make you feel happy. So good luck for everything, keep going that way, your talent should be heard everywhere!”

Sara Isabella Ehblad

“You play beautifully! Good luck with your studies and I hope you can land a great musician job afterwards! You inspired me to go home and play my piano now, thanks!”

Veronika & Irene

“We could listen to you playing ALL DAY! GOOD LUCK! Wish you the best!”

Fairy Adriana

“Thank you for making my last evening in Stockholm unforgetable. My favourite artist is Enya. I dreamed a dream you like her music too. Thank you for your music.”


“Your music is beautiful. Thank you.”

Tuuli Peltomäki

"Hi Mareks! Thank you for the lovely concert today at Drottningatan! I'm a Finn and on a holiday in Stockholm - in my mind your concert was the most memorable part of my stay."


“Thank you for making our afternoons and evenings so joyful. I fully enjoyed this evening. Much love, Fari"


“You’re wonderful!”

Susan Pathuis

"Hi there! I really enjoyed your performance on the street last saturday. It was such a nice perfomance. You really made my day. ”

Ellie Valahova

Hello, Mareks, I was lucky enough to be at your performance on Sunday in Oslo. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to enjoy your musical art, but anyway I can say that I was really impressed by it. I want to say "thank you" for your talent and for sharing it with other people. I'm really grateful you made the last day of my vacation in Norway unforgettable. Best wishes from Russia!

Carolina Lottermann

“Hey! I just wanted to thank you. When you play, you always make me cry in that good way. Even if sometimes it's hard to carry on, don't give up. You're awesome. Good luck in this wonderful job you're doing there. ”

Julia Coşa

“Thank you for the days that I heard you play, your music was one of the best parts of my trip here.”

Faleena Meili

“… we were walking through that street and heard your music from far away! It was amazing! It was raining and we got closer to you and couldn't help staying there and listening to all your songs. And it was so funny because it was obvious that all men envied you because of your ability to play so well with so big feelings.. I just wanted to say to you that it was an amazing evening because of your music! I got gooseflesh! I really liked chasing cars and les miserables.. So I wish you very luck and hope that you can live with your music.”

Emilie Herheim

“Hey I just wanted to say that you play very beautifully! I have played violin for 8 years now and I admire your passion for the cello. I hope you take a trip to Norway and share with us your amazing talent.”


“Tonight, a piece of me came back. Something i never even realized was gone- till you brought it back. THANK YOU”

Dr. Bach

“Just wanted to tell that the way you express music brings people closer together! Thanks for that!!! Two close people. P.s. We didn’t know each other before your music brought us together.”


“I spend 3 evenings here, changing people who stopped to listen to you. That was 3 really cool evenings. So thank you very much for this time. Keep playing, you’re awesome!”

Erik Kingissep

“Saw you behind PUB in August, and it was amazing. You bring joy to everyone who passes by. Keep up the amazing work Mareks!”


“Hey mareks. I'm Viken. I'm from sweden. In 2016 august 28 you were here in sweden in Norrmalm and I recorded video for you and it's amazing. I tried to send it here but its a big size video. I can send it to you in another program if you want and share it on your page. You're great keep going”

Elias Wäxfeldt

"Thanks for the amazing performance at drottning gatan yesterday!”

Marthe Sev

“HI heard you at trondheim torg yesterday and your music made it straight to my heart! That doesnt happen a lot. Keep up what you are doing, i admire your talent.”


“Hello Mareks , I am a performing artist from India and have lived in Trondheim for a couple of months. And that day when I saw you play was better than the day before and the day after you played . The melodies have ceased to exist forever in my memories. Trondheim is going be beautiful for exactly this memory. So , I send you a copy of this memory even though it will always be something ephemeral for me. Thank you again. Inspired, ”

Maria Kingsley

“I heard you in stockholm and loved your music. You are so talented. Are you coming back to play here?”

Silvia Garcia Pardo

“We have been listening to you tonight in Stockholm, you have made us happy, very happy... you are actually an artist... Thank you!!”

Fan from Ukraine

“You are the best on this street and in whole Stockholm! See you in National Orchestra!”


“Hello, my name is Medea. This is a page of my pravite diary, the one in which I’m writing about my new life here in Sweden. This evening I was thinking about very important decision to take, and I was scared both for the yes and for the no. Then I arrived here and your music, the passion I have seen in you, made me remember that life is too short to be lazy, or to fear the change. Is been a lifetime since I had the last chance to sit and listen to such a beautiful music with all my soul and mind payin’ attention. Thank you, for your treat and for being exactly where I needed you to be in this particular but happy moment of my life.”

Sabrina Nicastro

“Bless the world for gifts like him! Another night with amazing music!!”

Kathy Shepherd

“We were in Stockholm on the evening of the 1st of August and we heard you play while walking down the street giving us both goosebumps. We heard you play A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, I would love to hear you play this song again if possible.... Thank you and Good Luck”


Mareks was born in Riga, Latvia in the summer of 1990 in a musical family. With his father being classically trained singer and his older siblings already enrolled in music schools, it was no surprise that Mareks too would be immersed in the world of classical music...