Not only a cellist

I have been playing cello as long as I can remember. In the past years I have been actively preforming in different events: private, corporate, weddings, exhibitions and taken part in other musician album recordings. I have over 12 years of stage experience. My repertoire includes classical, modern, new age, relaxing and healing music. I can say that I truly live on the stage. Every performance allows me to share a piece of my heart and soul. I aspire to “burn” at every performance, as I was though by the great Māris Villerušs. He used to say, “Don’t try to be like anyone or copy anyone, find your own approach because we all have our own voice. If you are on the stage, then burn. No one looks forarward luke warm performace, they look for the warmth that comes from the heart and the soul.”

Among my many hobbies I enjoy basketball, computer science and programming as well as volunteering for charities in my free time. I have played in numerous fundraisers and church events. It feels good to know that I can do good and bring a positive change with my playing.


I will gladly play for you on your special life events: anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and also funerals. We can agree on the program and see if I can play your favorite music.


I am ready to share my knowledge in cello technics as well as improve your musical performance. I will gladly teach both young and old cello enthusiasts. Age doesn’t matter, what matters is your desire to learn and work you are willing to put in. I can assist you in your preparations for your exams, tests and other important performances. Currently I am employed by the Vecumnieki Music school.


Even if you don’t play cello, but play piano, flute or sing, I can help you to get ready for your stage performance and presence. I have played in front of all kinds of audiences. I have a good taste and good understanding which audience has what expectations. I can tell you what you have to pay attention to and how to have the best stage presence. With the access of social media and availability of recordings, audiences are spoiled and becoming more demanding each day. As a musician we have to know how to show and present ourselves with confidence and know how to “sell” ourselves. If you are looking for a mentor, you can call on me.


Lately I enjoy editing and mastering music. I have converted my room into my own little studio, where I spend most of my time. So far I have produced three CDs and currently working on my fourth. I plan to create a real studio where I can provide a quality recording services to other musicians. Let me know if I can help you with your project and help you take your performance to the next level. I offer consultations not only on musical aspects, sound quality but also the technical side of recording a CD.


About ten years ago I witnessed real need and recognized the importance of helping those in need, then I realized that charity work has to become part of my life. I know what hunger is, I have lived in poverty. I know the feeling of despair and uncertainty of not knowing when your next meal is going to be or can feel warm again in your house because of old windows. There are still many families living in poverty, many children going to school hungry and families freezing in their failing houses. I have also seen first hand how far 100 euro can go. It may just save that family from hunger and embarrassment of not having proper shoes for winter. I have found great joy in giving. If I can help one family or bring joy to one child, I know I have succeeded. Let us find joy in giving and fulfillment in sharing. I have participated in different projects and events in order to support poor families not only by practical help of organizing and distributing humanitarian aid but also showing the importance of music in anyones life no mater their background or material status. Music has inspired my life and I believe it can also inspire others. We are brother and sister and together we play on 36 strings. 4 of those belong to Mareks cello and 32 to Zaiga’s kokle. What started out as a fun jamming and playing together for grandpa’s enjoyment, has blossomed into a beautiful duet with music being composed for. Project Heartstrings was born out of a fundraising tour in November 2014 that took place in Germany. Also a CD was recorded for this tour and as a way to continue raising funds afterwards. Kokle (latvian national instrument) and cello are not the most common instruments that you would combine in a string duet. Initially finding musical pieces that would work for both instruments was a challenge. They had to improvise a lot and find creative ways to rearrange music. Latvian composer Vilnis Salaks has been a great fan of theirs and has specially composed and musically arranged many songs that work for cello and kokle duet. Growing up together they didn’t play together as much because not only because both musicians were focused on learning their solo instruments, they were also living in different countries. Zaiga being the oldest of the six children has lived in Germany for the past 18 years, Mareks, the youngest of siblings has living in Latvia for most of his life. Heartstrings has proven that music can touch hearts and promote goodness, bring hope and encouragement to the poor families in Latvia. Currently Heartstrings is working on new songs, slowly building their repertoire as well as planning their next fundraising concerts. Stay tuned!


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My name is Mareks Radzevics and I am a musician. I love all kinds of music but my heart belongs the classical and rock music, and my instrument of choice – cello. Cello is my life: my present and my future.

How it all begun…



Faleena Meili
“… we were walking through that street and heard your music from far away! It was amazing! It was raining and we got closer to you and couldn't help staying there and listening to all your songs. And it was so funny because it was obvious that all men envied you because of your ability to play so well with so big feelings.. I just wanted to say to you that it was an amazing evening because of your music! I got gooseflesh! I really liked chasing cars and les miserables.. So I wish you very luck and hope that you can live with your music.”
“Hello, my name is Medea. This is a page of my pravite diary, the one in which I’m writing about my new life here in Sweden. This evening I was thinking about very important decision to take, and I was scared both for the yes and for the no. Then I arrived here and your music, the passion I have seen in you, made me remember that life is too short to be lazy, or to fear the change. Is been a lifetime since I had the last chance to sit and listen to such a beautiful music with all my soul and min payin’ attention. Thank you, for your treat and for being exactly where I needed you to be in this particular but happy moment of my life.” "
Erik Kingissepp‎
Saw you behind PUB in August, and it was amazing. You bring joy to everyone who passes by. Keep up the amazing work Mareks!
“Hi! My message is maybe weird, but I had to tell you: you are an incredible musician. I saw you twice in Stockholm last weekend, and I think I could've listen to you for hours and hours. Anyway, I know that sometimes this kind a career could be tough, not much compliments for all the work you should put in it, so I thought that maybe this little message could make you feel happy. So good luck for everything, keep going that way, your talent should be heard everywhere!”